Who is Sanders Collection

Our story began over 70 years ago, when Martin Reisman started a company in the textile and bedding industry. His son, Emmanuel Reisman, expanded the business into an import and wholesale bedding company named Sanders Collection, and today, both father and son are actively involved in the family business, working at our NY headquarters daily. 

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our manufacturing capabilities by opening a sewing plant in the US, which will expedite turnaround times, reduce delays, and ensure that we never run out of stock. 



Our goal is to create value in every bedding product we carry.

Our objective of value creation, as an inventor and manufacturer, has led us to get involved financially in every project we carry out, because we are not simple traders,
we are true partners and we are committed to our customers and retailers.


Manufacturer, designer, and distributor, Sanders has thus developed and diversified by offering innovative concepts in residential, Hospitality, and in recent years as part of the upper middle class .


To guarantee the quality of our production, we are equipped with the latest control equipment. Our quality team control and validate staff skills, product compliance, compliance with safety standards and company standards through post audits, manufacturing process audits and product audits.


Our warehousing solutions are underpinned by investment in technology, automation and robotics. We are steadily expanding our fleet of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), automated sorters and hybrid systems, all of which deliver superior picking efficiencies.


All this is supported by our IT landscape consisting of best-in-class Warehouse Management Systems, providing you with integration capabilities, visibility and improved accuracy, 
By seamlessly integrating our broad portfolio of supply chain services, we handle your requirements from full container load orders, to single item orders with unique accountability.