The story of Sanders.
How it started. How it grew.

A walk down memory lane to the mid-1900s

Where it all started

New to the US, Jacob Reisman started a quilting shop for bedspreads. With his small, but mighty team of 5, combined hard work, and lots of coffee to fuel them, they grew steadily.


The next generation

Congrats! Jacob's son Martin got married! He soon found himself with a family to support and so he started his own quilting factory for coats.


It's a move

Martin moved from Brooklyn to Edison, New Jersey. He began by selling bedsheets and comforters to major retailers like Macys and Walmart. Here’s where the explosive growth happened in the form of 150+ employees and dozens of new machinery to keep up with the demand. .


Time for a pivot

Imports became very common and Martin could no longer compete. Not one to give up, he pivoted, sold his factory, and jumped on the import bus.


It’s official — Sanders Collection is now incorporated

Emanual Reisman joins the business. He incorporated the business and called it ‘Sanders Collection’. He took care of the cold-calling part and did hundreds of calls a day bringing in fresh leads daily. The business grew by the day. At this point, it was about scaling efficiently and profitably.


70 years later and our goal is the same.

Sanders Collection is a growing, thriving business with a state-of-the-art headquarters in NY and 150 employees across all global divisions. We service the complete range ofrom mom and pop places to major retailers. huge online operations. But our goal today is still the same as it was when we started in 1951. It’s about keeping costs down so that everyone can access our products. We don’t do premium pricing, we do premium products.